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Pas Shipping And Logistics Pvt Ltd


Cargo Services

  • Air Cargo Service
    Sending goods via postal services are quite common and not new to anyone. With so many options such as 24 hours delivery and one-day delivery, it is not difficult to send things from one place to another. Postal services are categorised into different see at depending on the urgency of sending the

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    Air Cargo Service

  • Rail Cargo Service
    Having multiple cargo services, people tend to get confused as to which one to opt for. Understanding which and why a particular logistic service is appropriate for you is important. We at Pas Shipping And Logistics Pvt Ltd make sure that you understand and know what is good for you and why. We try

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    Rail Cargo Service

Other Services

  • Custom House Agents
    Custom services are applied on international cargos and are an important check. It cannot be compromised whether it is coming from somewhere or going somewhere. While we cannot help with what comes in but if you are sending international consignments then our custom house agents can easily help you

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    Custom House Agents

  • Packaging Services
    Sending articles and goods to different places needs proper packaging. Depending on the type of object you are sending, the packaging needs to be done accordingly. It will ensure that your things are safely delivered to the destined location and address. However, you cannot always have the

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    Packaging Services

  • Warehousing Services
    Stocking inventory and warehouse with goods and products for fulfilling the demand of your customers is a good business tactic. However, knowing certain things regarding warehouse or inventory is important. It will help you to keep the stocks in proper condition and will also allow you to know how

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    Warehousing Services

  • Transportation Services
    Intracity as well as intercity transportation has never been this easier. With Pas Shipping And Logistics Pvt Ltd, you can get different types of transportation services that will suit your requirements. Depending on the quantity of the goods to be transported, we will be able to provide you with

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    Transportation Services

  • Logistics Consultancy Services
    With the ease of sending anything in and out of the country borders, a lot of businesses have bloomed in the past few years. Exporting and importing goods has become easier but still, need a lot of checking to be performed. If you are planning to send or receive anything to and from an

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    Logistics Consultancy Services

  • International Sea Freight Forwarding Services
    Logistic services and policies are different while sending things outside the country borders and involves a lot of checks. These checks are done to ensure that nothing illegal is being transferred from one place to another. However, they are also done to ease the exchange of goods and services

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    International Sea Freight Forwarding Services

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